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Information Technology
This site is designed and intended for group and squadron level units wishing to have a website hosted by the Southeast Region Network.  To begin you request, complete the form below.>

General Information

This Southeast Region affords any squadron or group whose wing is a partner in the Southeast Region network (SERN) a no fee, maintenance free Content Management System (CMS) website.  The intent of this program is to make having a web presence affordable and reliable.  Sites can be very simple or more involved.  This decision is up to the unit, because the unit maintains full content control.

Note:  All Civil Air Patrol websites must be in compliance with CAPR 110-1,Internet Operations and any supplementary directives.  Websites provided by the Southeast Region and partnering wing, shall comply with additional directives in order to preserve the integrity of the Southeast Region Network (SERN) and overall public image of the Civil Air Patrol.

Terms and Conditions

The following is the outlined Terms and Conditions for the use of a Southeast Region Network (SERN) website.  Units in this text refer to Groups and Squadrons only.  Wings will contact the region's Director of Information Technology for wing site institution.


Command will always retain the authority to exercise decisions over the use and content over websites within their purview as defined in CAPM 20-1, Organization of the Civil Air Patrol.  Units will have an Information Technology Officer (ITO) assigned to administer site content.  ITOs assigned as their unit's site manager will serve at the discretion of their direct commander.  All site managers will have completed all Operational Security (OPSEC) training and be familiar with Information Security (INFOSEC).  Any changes in staff shall be reported to their wing's Director of Information Technology within one week to address any security changes that may be necessary. 


Wings in which the requesting unit resides shall be a partner within the SERN.  Wings not within the SERN are not authorized for a SERN website for their subordinate units.  


  1. Units will adhere to CAPR 110-1, Internet Operations and any supplementary publications.
  2. Users will refer to SERP 101, Website & Associated Network Sites User's Guide for the proper use of the SERN website.  Additional training may be available through the wings Information Technology directorate.


  1. Units will not change, manipulate, or otherwise hinder the technology used within the website.
  2. Site Policy notification will not be added to, deleted, or edited.  Such changes shall only come from the Southeast Region.
  3. Each site will publicize a site contact.  This contact is typically the site manager.
  4. Units will use the Civil Air Patrol template design only.  Manipulation of the template is not authorized.
  5. SERN websites have been designed to meet accessibility standards.  This is a goal and not a regulated law.  
  6. SERN websites contain technology to monitor network traffic and to prevent any malicious attacks.  This manipulation or exposure of this technology is prohibited.  


Each SERN website will display a copyright notice.  Copyrights remain the property of Civil Air Patrol, Inc. regardless of the site or any individual page's author. Pursuant to 36 U.S.C.ยง40301-40307, the name "Civil Air Patrol", its insignia, copyrights, emblems, badges, descriptive or designating marks and words used in carrying out its program are specifically owned by Civil Air Patrol. 


There shall be no direct fee for services and upgrades to any unit within the SERN using a SERN website.  

The Southeast Region reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add to, or remove portions of Terms and Conditions at any time.  Such action is intended preserve the integrity of the Southeast Region Network and public image of the Civil Air Patrol.  We suggest that you check these terms and conditions periodically for changes.  Any questions or comments can be addressed to the Southeast Region's Director of Information Technology.


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